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Tall Pencil Cactus. Mature plants can grow up to 25 feet tall and often have a “pine tree” sort of appearance. Pruning them is fairly easy and should not harm the plant.

Pencil Cactus - Houston Interior Plants
Pencil Cactus – Houston Interior Plants from houstoninteriorplants.com

Here are tips on how to properly handle the plant. They usually contain a poisonous irritating sap which could be toxic when you get in contact with them. The pencil cactus is a large plant native to africa and india.

While The Height It Can Reach Indoors Is Around 6 Feet, Outdoors The Plant Grows Much Taller, Reaching 30 Feet Even.

Cut a stem of the pencil cactus off at an angle. The pencil cactus is also known as the “milk bush”. What do you think three years of watering a plant and weeding around it is worth?

Pencil Cactus Are Very Poisonous Plants Are A Great Addition To Homes And Offices, But It’s Important To Know Whether Your Plants Are Dangerous To Children, Pets, Or Even Adults.

If you have a sunny area with that amount of space try growing it outside. Care of pencil cactus is minimal. ‘fire sticks’ is a cultivar also named ‘rosea’ of the usually very tall pencil cactus (euphorbia tirucalli).

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The Plant Is Ideal For Sunny Warm Spots Indoors Or Greenhouse Growing.

Then, wrap the cutting loosely in. Euphorbia tirucalli, or pencil cactus, is a tropical plant that may become 30 feet (9 m.) tall in habitat. Pencil cacti kept outdoors during the summer, should be taken indoors in the fall.

Pencil Cactus Is Not A True Cactus But A Member Of The Euphorbia Family From Tropical Parts Of Africa And India.

Here are some tips on pruning. You can buy it on amazon here. While indoor shrubs grow only about 80 cm tall, pencil cactus also reach heights of up to 10 metres in nature.

It Will Grow Quickly And Up To 30 Feet Tall And Six Feet Wide.

The pads that serve as leaves in the opuntias, crassula, and senecios are easy to remove and can be used in the same way. Since the sap is toxic, wear gloves and be extra careful when handling cut ends. Information on the pencil cactus plant.

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