Euphorbia Tirucalli Houseplant. Euphorbia tirucalli, also known as pencil cactus, is a succulent plant that belongs to the euphorbiaceae family. […]

Tirucalli. The tiny leaves disappear once the stems reach maturity. Ranting euphorbia tirucalli mengandung alkaloid, flavonoid, saponin, dan tannin, sedangkan […]

Euphorbia Tirucalli Indoor. Branchlets are slender, smooth and cylindrical. Unlike other euphorbia plants, it doesn’t produce a milky sap. Fire […]

Euphorbia Tirucalli. This is the reason why they are often referred to. Euphorbia tirucalli plants are also known as “milk […]

Euphorbia Tirucalli Pencil Cactus. Euphorbia tirucalli, commonly called pencil cactus, might be difficult to kill and remove because, like other […]

Euphorbia Tirucalli Pencil Tree. This feature is present in every species of the genus euphorbia but nowhere else in the […]

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