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Pencil Cactus Houseplant. Unlike most houseplants, they can generally withstand multiple hours of direct sun every day, something they'll be craving especially during the winter months. The pencil cactus is relatively easy to grow indoors, so if you’re considering it as a houseplant, my plant care recommendations below will come handy to you.

Pencil Cactus - Live Plant In A 6 Inch Pot - Euphorbia Tirucalli - Bea – Wekiva Foliage
Pencil Cactus – Live Plant In A 6 Inch Pot – Euphorbia Tirucalli – Bea – Wekiva Foliage from

How to grow a pencil cactus. The cactus will hit your ceiling in just a few years, so don. Plant in a small container filled with a mix specific to succulents or cacti that you have moistened first.

Dip It In A Glass Of Water To Stop The Sap From Flowing Freely.

If you’re looking for a succulent houseplant to make a striking statement, look no further than the pencil cactus or euphorbia tirucalli.this firecracker of a plant goes by many names: Cacti are a popular houseplant due to their relatively low water and light requirements, ease of propagation, and tolerance of indoor environments. They use this succulent as a remedy for various diseases including asthma, cough, earache, neuralgia, rheumatism, toothache, and cancer.

That Would Be Beneficial For Them Whilst They Are In Their Healing Stage.

Find tips on caring for a pencil cactus in this article. Like any part of nature, this plant develops best when it has direct exposure to the sun’s uv rays. As a houseplant, it needs gritty soil and impeccable drainage.

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The Common Name Includes “ Cactus,” In Fact It Is A Succulent.

Like nearly all members of euphorbia, when cut or broken it will ooze white latex sap. Caring for a pencil cactus cutting requires low light and slightly more moisture than fully established plants. That last name refers to the cloudy, latex sap it releases if it’s damaged, which can be toxic.

If You Are Growing The Pencil Cactus Indoors As A Houseplant, Ensure You Have A Gritty And.

This would be a great pick for indoor growing and it would turn out to be one great houseplant once it grows to its fullest. Other pencil cactus benefits include medical uses that are common among cultures in brazil, india, and malaysia. Pencil cactus are accustomed to receiving plenty of sunlight.

The Pencil Cactus Plant Is In The Euphorbia Family Of Succulents.

The pencil cactus requires a lot of bright, direct light to thrive. It means that the more you expose. How to grow a pencil cactus.

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