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Pencil Cactus Growth. The pencil cactus requires a lot of bright, direct light to thrive. Once you prune the pencil cactus, it would get the beautiful shape it deserves and would tend to look more gracefully with much neater.

How To Grow Pencil Cactus | Euphorbia Tirucalli Care Guide
How To Grow Pencil Cactus | Euphorbia Tirucalli Care Guide from

It loves the sunlight, but it appreciates if you protect it from the hot afternoon sun. The pencil cactus grows best in full sun, tolerating some shade as well. The stems can shift from a vibrant green to yellow, orange, and pink!

The Pencil Cactus Requires A Lot Of Bright, Direct Light To Thrive.

The name pencil cactus was given to this plant because the diameter of the branches is identical to a pencil. In the months of spring, apply liquid fertilizer at a dose of half strength. 6 hours of direct light from a south facing window is better than 6 hours from a western facing window, as the hot afternoon sun rays tend to.

It Loves The Sunlight, But It Appreciates If You Protect It From The Hot Afternoon Sun.

It is recommended that you leave anywhere from six to eight feet of spacing between plants. Outside those zones, pencil cactus needs to be planted in pots inside as a. You could feed them with a diluted houseplant fertilizer once a year during the spring season and.

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(Usda Growing Zones 10 Or 11), Your Pencil Cactus Probably Will Live In A Pot Indoors (Where It Can Reach A Height Of About 6 Feet At Maturity).

In fact, growing pencil cactus from seeds is one of the easiest ways to propagate this plant. Even though the pencil cactus can be up to 30 feet tall, in the case of indoors, you can maintain the height up to the desired level. Close proximity to a south window is ideal for this plant.

It Is Called A Pencil Cactus Because Of The Diameter Of The Stem That Is Equivalent To A Pencil.

A strange plant that might seem more at home in a coral reef. This cactus plant can grow up to 30 feet and three feet wide. You can grow pencil cactus outside if you live in usda growing zones 11 and 12.

Once You Finish Pruning, You May Cover The Pencil Cactus With A Sheet Of Protection.

Once you have the seeds, you can plant them in a pot or in the ground. The tangle of stems and branches have a uniform thickness that happens to resemble a pencil—hence the name! You could do that for about a couple of weeks.

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