Lél is an artistic collective dedicated to preserving, reinterpreting and evolving the ancient art of handcrafted stone inlay, Pietra dura.

Champa Nesting Tables

Champa nesting tables

Serpentine and Onyx inlay on white marble.

Founded by Farhana Asad two decades ago, Lél is run in collaboration with her daughter, Lél’s Creative Director, Meherunnisa Asad, with its collections handcrafted from semi-precious stones and marble.

Master artisans possessing outstanding skill and a passion for preserving traditional craft techniques handcraft each unique piece. They are local craftsmen and refugee artisans displaced by the Afghan conflict to Peshawar in neighboring Pakistan.

“A Lél piece does not start in the studio. It starts in the mountains millions of years ago. You never start with a blank canvas in the art of stone inlay.” Meherunnisa Asad

Champa centre piece

Serpentine inlay on white marble

Lél marries traditional craft techniques with contemporary design and innovative application.

“You need a heart of stone to work stone.”

Lél artisan